Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Rainbow: Elizabeth

I wish I could be eloquent. I wish my writing could pull you in, convince you to care, show you how much it really matters. Luckily, there are other AMAZING bloggers out there who know just what to say.

Instead, I'll just beg and plead that you read on.

This is Elizabeth. She's amazing, isn't she? Her eyes sparkle, her smile shines bright. She's nearly your typical 7-year-old girl. She loves dolls. She adores teddy bears. She has a best friend that she has enjoyed growing up and playing with everyday.  If she lived in the house next door, you'd appreciate her as much as any other little girl her age. She's almost the same. Except
she has an extra chromosome                   and because of this
she is an orphan                                       and sadly, because she is "old" at just age 7,
she has been transferred out of her orphanage
into an institution
away from her best friend
and the caregivers that have been there since her beginning.

Now, she's in a place where
the sun doesn't shine                         because there isn't anyone to take her outside, so
her smile will fade
her eyes will dim
and her reality of survival
is grim.

I wish I could be blamed for being melodramatic. Except, I'm not.
The little light that is Elizabeth is in very real danger of being extinguished.

She needs rescue. NOW.  If you can't do it, tell others. Get the message out until someone says yes. Speak for a little girl who loves teddies and dolls and hugs and everything that a seven-year-old girl should love.


  1. Oh! Absolute sweetness! I just wanted you to know I am praying with you. I know how you fel cause there is a little guy almost her age I feel that way about.

  2. You are not being melodramatic, just stating the facts.

    I just blogged about Elizabeth, and linked her to facebook, and I'll post a link back here too.

    A girl who can show so much care for her dolls needs to be in a family where she can grow into a woman who shows that same compassion to other people.

  3. I have prayed over Elizabeth, oh my heart, she is in my thoughts more than you know. You have a prayer partner in me, my friend. Everyday until she is home.

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  4. can I borrow these pictures of Elizabeth if I want to write about her? Let me know:


  5. Oh Sarah, WHERE did you get all of these wonderful pictures of Elizabeth? She is such a special little girl, and I have been crying about her ever since I read your yahoo post about her. I too LOVE her, and wish I could bring her home. I don't know how they could seperate her and Angela from each other. I wish someone could go and bring them both home, finally uniting them as SISTERS. You've done good today, expressing how she makes you feel. Don't ever doubt what your words can do.

  6. Praying Sarah!! Right now that's all I can do... spread the word and pray! :)

  7. Poor, beautiful little angel. My heart breaks for her.

  8. Andrea has these pictures of Elizabeth and I feel sure she would let anyone have them (and more) if they wanted to blog about her...or ADOPT her! Thank you for writing this!

  9. Thank you for such a beautiful post for a beautiful little girl. I can't get her out of my heart - I will continue to share her info with anyone who will let me and pray with you for her.

  10. I just found your post today the day Elizabeth was listed as saved! Now she will have a family! I am so happy ! Good post!