Sunday, December 19, 2010

Changing the World

I used to teach high school. People would often say to me, "High school? Yuck-- who'd want to hang out with obnoxious teenagers all day?"
Teens get a bad rap... they are self-absorbed, dramatic, loud, unaware of the "real world" (unless it's on MTV)... yeah, life with teens can be exhausting.

But then, there are other teenagers out there, kids who are amazing, selfless, humble, motivated. Teenagers with so much heart they put many adults to shame. You meet these kinds of teens, and you realize what a great age it is. Teenagers are old enough to understand mature situations, but young enough to be untainted by these same situations.  Rather than saying, "That's so sad. Someone should do something," this is an age that says, "Wow, that's so sad, let's do something about it!"

God bless the teenagers' spirit.

That being said, here are four teenagers that I have instantly come to love. They are planning to change the world, saving one orphan at a time. Instead of trying to save up for a car, they are trying to save LIVES. Please, show these kids your appreciation for their huge hearts, and visit their website right now! You won't be disappointed... they are so energetic, my theory is they just may accomplish their goal after all. :)

P.S.  Just in case you don't think a teenage girl can make all too big a difference in this world... God trusted Mary, a teenage girl, to raise His child, Jesus! (Mary was probably in her early-mid teens when she gave birth to Jesus.)

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