Saturday, March 5, 2011

To Kolya's Family

I know you are out there, somewhere!
He needs you; the time to rescue him is now.

Sweet Kolya

Who can resist this smile?!

I wish I had all the world to offer you; instead
I've got a little something. It isn't much, but maybe it'll help get him home.

Months ago, I gave my engagement ring away in hopes of helping rescue Danil.
(His family is ready and waiting to go get him.)
The beautiful soul who won the ring decided she'd use it for a mission as well;
she put it up in a giveaway to help rescue Elizabeth and Nicholas.
(Elizabeth's family has come forward, and they are hoping to get her soon. Nicholas still waits for someone to call him "son".)

I contributed to that giveaway, and was floored when I received the email: "You won."
So now, once again, the beautiful ring is back in my possession.

I want to give it to you. Maybe you can use it for a giveaway of your own. Maybe you can sell it to help bring in some funds to bring Kolya home. Maybe you will just keep it hidden away, waiting for the right moment to send it on another journey for another child.
What it is used for is entirely up to you.

I wish I could do more. Right now, all I can do is remain in constant prayer that Kolya stays safe, and that his family discovers him soon. He's already spent ten years alone; he can't wait much longer.
So I pray, and I offer this gift.
Please, rescue him soon.

Are you Kolya's family? If so, contact Andrea at Reece's Rainbow for information!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Rainbow Family: For Timothy

This is a different kind of post. It's not so much about a child as it is about the family that brought him home.
To meet Timothy's family, visit their blog, appropriately titled The Joy of What Is. Mom Mel shares fun and humorous stories about their lives with their new little Rainbow from across the sea. He's a cutie pie, and her family is an absolute delight.

What you may not realize just from reading the blog, however, is what a kind and giving family they are, particularly dear Mel. If you are part of the RR community, I guarantee you know her already. Mel is there for everyone; whether it is to give solid advice, share a sweet story, or spread love wherever needed, she's there.

Mel's family has had to endure some financial setbacks because of the recent adoption (which she has shared on the blog.) That's nothing new in the world of adoption; sacrifices are made when lives are saved, it's just a reality of the process. Even so, she still manages to find ways to give to other families, time after time after time.  The family recently bought a used minivan, and all were very excited about this purchase.
Now, just two weeks later, Dad was in an accident while driving the minivan. The important thing is that no one was hurt. However, the van suffered some damages, and now the family faces the difficulty of paying a deductible to repair the van, and when money is scarce to begin with, that is easier said than done.

So, I've got a favor to ask. It isn't because they've requested it; in fact, Mel isn't aware that I am doing this, and I'd love for it to stay a little secret (but my theory is she'll figure it out soon enough; she's smart like that.)

Whether you know the family or not, would you consider giving a little something to help get them past this little setback? Would you take a few dollars out of your pocket and give it to a family in need? This is a family who gives and gives and gives, and now, they need to be able to receive. You may get acknowledgement, you may not. What you WILL get, guaranteed, is the joy of knowing you did a little something for someone else. It doesn't have to be much, or it could be a lot. Whatever you choose, I'm just asking, if you read this, and you have something, anything, that you can share, will you do so?

I've set up a Chipin to go directly to the family. I hope you consider giving them a little something. Wouldn't it be fun to see their $500 deductible completely paid for by a bunch of strangers? Can you imagine opening your account, only to see the money that you need sitting there, ready and waiting? We won't be able to see the family's reaction, but just imagine if it were you. Imagine the weight being lifted from your shoulders. Imagine the joy you'd feel, that you'd have to spread to others...
it's the joy of what is, don't you think?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pure Love

What an amazing giveaway! Go check this out right now, then tell all your family and friends. I can't imagine ANYONE saying, "No, I'm not interested in this." You'd have to be a goon. And nobody wants to be a goon.