Saturday, March 5, 2011

To Kolya's Family

I know you are out there, somewhere!
He needs you; the time to rescue him is now.

Sweet Kolya

Who can resist this smile?!

I wish I had all the world to offer you; instead
I've got a little something. It isn't much, but maybe it'll help get him home.

Months ago, I gave my engagement ring away in hopes of helping rescue Danil.
(His family is ready and waiting to go get him.)
The beautiful soul who won the ring decided she'd use it for a mission as well;
she put it up in a giveaway to help rescue Elizabeth and Nicholas.
(Elizabeth's family has come forward, and they are hoping to get her soon. Nicholas still waits for someone to call him "son".)

I contributed to that giveaway, and was floored when I received the email: "You won."
So now, once again, the beautiful ring is back in my possession.

I want to give it to you. Maybe you can use it for a giveaway of your own. Maybe you can sell it to help bring in some funds to bring Kolya home. Maybe you will just keep it hidden away, waiting for the right moment to send it on another journey for another child.
What it is used for is entirely up to you.

I wish I could do more. Right now, all I can do is remain in constant prayer that Kolya stays safe, and that his family discovers him soon. He's already spent ten years alone; he can't wait much longer.
So I pray, and I offer this gift.
Please, rescue him soon.

Are you Kolya's family? If so, contact Andrea at Reece's Rainbow for information!


  1. Sarah?! I didn't know you won it back! Now you are using it again?! How amazing!! I am praying that Koyla's family steps forward so that your precious ring can be used to save, yet another, deserving child. God bless you. Much love to you!!

  2. Are you going to set up a chip-in for this ring give away? : ) I've been following your ring in hopes of winning it so that I could pass it on to a RR family in need. That is so cool that you won it back and are willing to give it away AGAIN!
    Let us know how we can have a chance to win it.
    Angie R.