Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Rainbow: Sam

Each year, Reece's Rainbow holds a huge Christmas fundraiser for all of the RR kids.

Since I wasn't a part of the RR community last year, this is my first time as a Christmas Warrior. I'm excited to have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of one little boy who stole my heart the first time I saw him!

So here he is, the latest rainbow that I think everyone needs to see:  Sam!
Sam is almost 5 and in danger of being transferred soon

From the RR website:
Date of Birth: December 2005
Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue
Hair: light brown
Character: active, content  

Sam is a sweet muffin with giant blue eyes and a heart of gold.  He is described as significantly delayed, but this could be from his quiet and content nature.   He lived with his family for nearly a year before he was removed from the home and placed in the orphanage.   He does have a functional systolic murmur and is slightly farsighted.   He is able to walk and participate with the group, but prefers to play by himself.  He needs a loving family who can help him heal from the loss he has suffered at home, and learn to love, BE loved, and enjoy life again.    He is blessed to still be at the baby house.  We have LOTS of new pictures available of Sam, and will be advocating adamantly for him to fundraise and to find a family.   He will truly thrive in a loving family environment, you will just watch him blossom!

Look at those eyes! How can you not completely fall in love with this gorgeous child?
Shortly after I signed on to be Sam's Christmas Warrior, an amazing blogging mama decided to hold a fundraiser for Sam. Her fundraiser was HUGE! It brought in a lot of money, and because of it, Sam's grant account already has over $14,000 in it!
So, why does he need more?

Look at his birthdate.  He turns five in one month.  Sam is in very serious danger in of being
without a family the rest of his life.

I'm asking for TWO things right now.
1. Prayer- Please, send a prayer to God that, TODAY, God brings Sam's family forward. Someone out there is meant to be this child's family.  Today, if we ask Him to speak to their hearts, I believe they WILL step forward and he will be coming home soon. (And, for those of you who typically do not pray, could you try it just this once? Consider the harm in praying for Sam... then consider the harm in NOT praying for Sam.)


2. A donation. Whatever amount you can give, be it $1 or $1000, gives Sam that much quicker a chance to come home. The more money in his grant account, the less money his family will have to earn or raise, which means they can hurry onto a plane and bring him home!

If you donate $35 or more to Sam's Christmas account , you will receive an ornament from Reece's Rainbow with Sam's photo on it (for donations received by December 15th.) Please give a donation today! All donations through Reece's Rainbow are tax deductible. To donate, just click the ChipIn below and follow the instructions. It's safe, quick, and easy, and the money goes straight to his account through Reece's Rainbow.

Thank you for your gift!

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