Monday, November 1, 2010


(from my excel sheet):
Molly Auble 505 704

Using, the winning number was 565, so it was a solid win for Molly!

Congratulations to Molly!  Special thanks to Stephanie for preparing the paperwork and shining up the ring.  Look at it sparkle!

The total value the giveaway prize:  $2,600

The total value of the life you have helped save: Priceless

Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to Danil's Last Hope. Because of you, we raised a total of $2,005 to contribute to Danil's adoption grant. Even more importantly, though, a wonderful family made the decision to bring Danil into their home. You can read about their adoption journey here (they have an amazing story, already, and I am so confident that they are the perfect family for this precious child.)

Want another chance to give to Danil (and another chance to win a cool prize?) Lisa is giving away a brand new laptop on this blog (scroll down to Danil's photo and the laptop for the details.)  All monies raised will be going to Danil's adoption fund, and gets him another step closer to home!

And just a final word:

When I started this fundraiser, it wasn't without fret. I didn't like the idea of giving away my engagement ring. The truth is, I LOVE this ring. It is beautiful and shiny and, well, certainly the nicest thing I have ever owned. But I felt such a strong push on my heart to do so, and it wouldn't leave my mind, so I knew holding on to this ring was not an option.
I had no idea that, a few states away, a family was praying and feeling the same strong push on their hearts to make the decision to adopt the very same little boy that I had fallen in love with.  So, without knowing anything more, I decided to start this fundraiser with hopes that it would bring in a full grant for Danil.  Certainly, I felt, a child with a full grant would quickly find a home.

We didn't bring in a full grant, but Danil did find a home. After his family made the decision, then saw this fundraiser in his name, they knew it was God's confirmation to them that yes, this is indeed the right decision. And because of this, I feel a huge satisfaction knowing that my simple little act is literally helping save a life.  Lots of people have questioned me, even more people have given me praise, telling me what a generous giver I am, and that they could never make such a sacrifice.

I want you to deeply consider this "big sacrifice" that I am making, and I want you to ask yourself, "COULD I do the same?"
What sacrifice am I truly making? How much have I really done?
The truth is, it didn't take much on my part. I'm parting with an object. Yes, the object holds lots of sentiment and significance, but isn't a life worth so much more than that?  Really, can't I do so much more?
As I sit in my cozy house, with heat, electricity, running water, television, internet, as my husband's heads off to his job, earns his solid paycheck, drives our second vehicle, brings home the occasional take-out dinner (because we sometimes just don't feel like eating the food that we've got in our kitchen,) as we whine about having to pick up SO many toys each evening, and I complain about ALL the laundry, the never ending pile of laundry (that I have to go ALL THE WAY to the basement to wash!)...
we have so much. And that isn't a bad thing, but really, let's think about what these orphans need.
A roof.
Food on the table.
Someone to tuck them in at night, and to comfort them when sick.

Why don't we do more?
Why does "giving away a ring" seem so huge to us? Truly, what would happen if we all asked the questions:
Do I have a roof I can share?
Do I have food that I can share?
Can I tuck a child into a bed at night?
Can I comfort a crying child when he is sick?

If we answer honestly, there are many, many of us who can say yes.

So the question is,
Why won't you do more? If you say, "I just can't share my roof, my food, a bed", what CAN you do?

I hope that I leave you with a slightly bad taste in your mouth.
I thank you for giving to Danil, really, I truly am SO grateful to each of you. But since I know that you care at least a little (you wouldn't have given anything if you don't care even a little,) so now I hope that you feel a desire to do more.  Because these are children. Children without homes. Without food. Without families.  And as much as we can complain that it is a societal issue, that saving one life won't stop the problem, that we have lots of other causes that are important and worth fighting for (those are all true), these are just kids. Just like my three kids that I feed and clothe each day, that I tuck in at night, that I comfort when ill. They are kids, and they need us. Because if not us, then who?

Thank you again for all your help! Because of you, this is no longer Danil's LAST Hope!


  1. Sarah, you know how much what you have done means to me... when I see "our" precious little Danil everyday, my heart just sings knowing that very soon HE will be the one who's Mama is knocking on the door to the groupa room to take HIM for his visiting time. He is such a sweet and precious little boy. Thank you so much for your sacrifice. God bless your effort for this precious little boy. Love you!!!

  2. So happy for Molly and so glad that you listened to God and donated your ring. May we all listen with our hearts to what God is telling US personally. Surely there is SOMETHING that each one of us can share. I know God has blessed us with 2 kids already through Reece's Rainbow and we're working on adopting a 3rd--our 2nd child had a large adoption grant and it made such a big difference. Joy